Bed bugs are known, hitchhikers. The infestation is picked up and disseminated from public places such as hotels, cinema halls, hostels, restrooms, guest room. Frequent and increased traveling is the main reason for bed bug infestation to spread.

Key Benefits of Service

We are having 60 days contract. In 2 months we are providing 2 services. We are doing spray for control of bed bugs. After completion of service, there is a necessity of closing premises up to 3 to 4 hrs to allow insecticide residues to dry. After completion of the first service, we are providing the second service after 15-20 days because in first service live population of bed bugs is controlled but spray can’t affect the eggs of bed bugs. The incubation period of eggs is about 12-15 days. After that, they will hatch we provide the second service.

    • Prevents Bed Bug bites and ensures a peaceful nighty sleep.
    • Stops itching and inflammation caused by Bed Bugs.

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