Green Pest Control Options


Pest management can be risky for your well-being. When faced with an infestation, think about green, healthy choices you can use to protect those you love in your house.

In the past, spraying your house with highly dangerous substances has invariably meant pest control, placing your families, pets, and guests at significant risk. Today, nevertheless, this is no longer the case. Many insects can be successfully managed and destroyed using environmentally friendly ways. A couple of them seem to be here.

 Microbial Insecticides

You can use microbial insecticides if you know the kind of pests you have in your house. These target one particular insect, leaving aside every other bug, pet, or person. These are especially common among gardeners who when faced with pests want to avoid killing off the beneficial insects.

  Diatomaceous Earth

 From the fossilized silica shells of some algae, diatomaceous earth is made. Although these shells can not be seen, the tiny sharp projections on them bite into the cuticles of insects. When the critter lacks essential body fluids, this leads to dehydration. The insect must die soon. For safe, reliable pest control, this can be sprayed effectively outside the home and in gardens. To help with fleas and other small insects, it can even be dusted into carpets.

  Neem Oil

 Neem oil repels insects and kills them. It originates in India from the neem tree and can be sprayed on plants or soil. For mammals, it is almost non-toxic, so it is safe to use around pets and children. It is not recommended for use in houses, but it can be used in the garden successfully.


 Like fleas, certain insects are difficult to kill because of the long life span of eggs and larvae. This will quickly disappear until they hatch in the carpeting, making the infestation a period that never ends. Borax can dry these immature critters out when sprinkled on the carpet, and then they can be vacuumed up and the hazard removed. Although borax is not likely to be used by licensed pest control firms, the do-it-yourselfer can find it an effective remedy.

 Options for Rodents

 For a mouse infestation, poisons are not going to aid. Consider using traps for this. To get into pets or infants, traps do not bring out toxins or other harmful materials. Some traps also encourage you to save the mouse alive, letting it go without coping with the risks of a dead body of a rodent in a better place. Before taking this path, ensure you know how to properly capture and release mice, or employ a specialist who can use traps.


 Look for Organic

 Look for one classified as organic and non-toxic if you need to buy a “pesticide” to use inside your house. It might not necessarily be “environmentally friendly” enough to keep your family safe. The substance must meet those requirements to be branded “organic,” When marking pesticides, everybody will say ‘eco-safe’.

  Remember, the prevention of pests is something that must be taken very seriously. For pets and humans, certain rodents pose a health risk. You do not want to see a small infestation develop into an immense problem. The quicker you deal with the problem, the happier and better you are going to be.

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